Science. Nature. Environment. Endangered. Climate Change. Culture. Volcanoes. Hawaii. Mark Twain. Place. Here is a selection of essays and articles I’ve written on these topics for a variety of publications. I add more all the time, so keep checking back.


Awakenings: Stories of Body and Consciousness: Upside to Gravity, forthcoming.

McNeese Review, Vol 60 / 2023: Beetled.

Reservoir Road Literary Review: Eyes

Drunk Monkeys: Slip

Pangyrus Literary Magazine: Swimming Lessons*

*Chosen for Pangyrus’ 10th Anniversary Anthology.
*Featured in This Week in Essays at The Rumpus.

CHEAP POP: Bycatch

Atticus Review: At Sea and Soaring*

*Featured in This Week in Essays at The Rumpus.

Wild Roof Journal: My Old Friend, Wonder

Tiny Seed Literary Journal: On Belonging

The Statesider: Following the Albatross Home* 

*Recognized in Notable Travel Writing of 2019 by The Best American Travel Writing, series editor Jason Wilson, guest editor Robert MacFarlane.

Zoomorphic: Outnumbered by an Albatross

Honolulu: Seven Reasons to Read Hope Jahren’s Fierce New Memoir Getting National Buzz

The Eddy: Why Go to the Desert?

Brevity: The Didion Fan

Hippocampus: Cowboys Are His Weakness

Fourth River, Issue 13 / 2016: Wisdom: Just A Bird

Hoʻolauleʻa – Celebrating Ten Years of Pacific Writing: A Gift of a Beach, A Day, A Man


Audubon: Wave of Hawaiian Bird Extinctions Stresses the Islands’ Conservation Crisis.

National Geographic: The World’s Oldest Known Wild Bird Just Turned 70–Why She’s So Special.

Audubon: The Hawaiian Crow is Once Again Extinct in the Wild.

Medium’s Nightingale: Collecting Seeds to Save Hawaii’s Native Forest.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s Living BirdOn Kauai, Hawaiian Ducks Are in a Dire Situation. Dogs Are Helping.

Hawaii: Getting to Know Kauai, One Tree at a Time.

Hawaii: Scientists Capture Video of Minutes-Old Humpback Whale Calf as Annual Migration to Hawaii Begins.

Honolulu: Making Waves: Six Women in Hawaii with Careers in STEM Share Their Stories.

Medium: How Freezing Coral Sperm Could Save Our Reefs.

Honolulu: After the Flood: What Happened to Our Native Water Birds on Kaua’i?

Medium: A Snail’s Escape from the Eye of the Storm.

Smithsonian: How Volcanoes Reshape Ecosystems.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s Living Bird: Keeping Hope Alive for Hawaii’s `I`iwi.

Smithsonian: How the Tiniest of Parasites is Taking Down the Mightiest of Monk Seals.

The Daily Beast. The Kilauea Eruption Flooded Hawaii’s First Geothermal Plant. What Next?

The Daily Beast. The Surprising Tourism Bump From Hawaii’s Spewing Volcano.

The Daily Beast. Will Mauna Loa Erupt Next? The Short Answer is Yes–But Don’t Freak Out.

Popular Science: What You Need to Know about the Volcanic Eruptions Going on in Hawaii Right Now.

Popular Science: This Albatross Couple Adopted A Baby of Another Species.

Honolulu: These Local Dog Detectives Sniff Out Everything from Drugs to Diseases.

Audubon: Do Bird-Eating Mice Pose a Danger to Wisdom the Albatross?

Honolulu: Endangered Hawaiian Crows Survive First Few Weeks in Native Hawaii Island Forests

Honolulu: Can Hawaii’s Endangered Native Crow Be Saved From Extinction?

Audubon: On the Ground with the U.S. Navy’s Albatross Adoption Agency

Audubon: To Save Albatross from Sea Level Rise, an Experimental Colony Lifts Off

Honolulu: Why the Brutal Killing of 15 Albatrosses at Ka’ena Point Matters

Audubon: Meet Nine, a Fledgling Albatross That Could One Day Help Save Her Species

Smithsonian: Why Rare Hawaiian Monk Seals Are Lining Up to Get Their Shots

Eater: Why It’s Time to Embrace Breadfruit

Honolulu: Feral Cats are a Serious Threat to Hawaii’s Endangered Birds, Monk Seals, and Dolphins

Hawaii: The Incredible Rescue and Rehabilitation of Kilo, a Hawaiian Monk Seal

Honolulu: The Adventures of Mark Twain: How He Launched a Literary Career in Hawaii

Honolulu: The Harrowing Journey of the Hornet that Gave Mark Twain His Big Newspaper Scoop

The Eddy: Why Go to the Desert?

The Atlantic’s CityLab: A New Law Brings Back Subsistence Fishing in Hawaii

Hakai: Reclaiming an Old Home for the Hawaiian Petrel

Hakai: Hawaii’s Hawaiian Monk Seals Are (Finally) Having a Good Year

Hakai: Hunting Seals with a Puma (Apologies for the headline; I didn’t write it.)

Hawaii: Chasing Kiwikiu

Hawaii: Secret Garden: Nu’alolo Kai on Kauai

Hawaii: Flight Risk: Saving Kauai’s Endangered Newell’s Shearwater


Longreads: Pam Houston on Coming Clean, Climate Change, and “Writing Deeply into the Grasses”

Terrain: Lost Stories: An Interview with Laurie Gwen Shapiro


Honolulu: Lab Girl Brings Science to Life

The Garden Island: Book Review: The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid by Bill Bryson

The Garden IslandBook Review: The Last Flight of the Scarlet Macaw by Bruce Barcott

The Garden IslandBook Review: Lottery by Patricia Wood

The Garden IslandBook Review: Bastard Tongues by Derek Bickerton

The Garden IslandBook Review: Falling into Manholes by Wendy Merrill

The Garden Island: Book Review: A Street of a Thousand Blossoms by by Gail Tsukiyama