Science. Nature. Environment. Endangered. Climate Change. Culture. Hawaii. Mark Twain. Place. Here is a selection of articles I’ve written on these topics for a variety of publications. I add more all the time, so keep checking back.

Popular Science: What You Need to Know about the Volcanic Eruptions Going on in Hawaii Right Now.

Popular Science: This Albatross Couple Adopted A Baby of Another Species.

Honolulu: These Local Dog Detectives Sniff Out Everything from Drugs to Diseases.

Audubon: Do Bird-Eating Mice Pose a Danger to Wisdom the Albatross?

Honolulu: Endangered Hawaiian Crows Survive First Few Weeks in Native Hawaii Island Forests

Honolulu: Can Hawaii’s Endangered Native Crow Be Saved From Extinction?

Audubon: On the Ground with the U.S. Navy’s Albatross Adoption Agency

Audubon: To Save Albatross from Sea Level Rise, an Experimental Colony Lifts Off

Audubon: Meet Nine, a Fledgling Albatross That Could One Day Help Save Her Species

Smithsonian: Why Rare Hawaiian Monk Seals Are Lining Up to Get Their Shots

Eater: Why It’s Time to Embrace Breadfruit

Honolulu: Feral Cats are a Serious Threat to Hawaii’s Endangered Birds, Monk Seals, and Dolphins

Hawaii: The Incredible Rescue and Rehabilitation of Kilo, a Hawaiian Monk Seal

Honolulu: The Adventures of Mark Twain: How He Launched a Literary Career in Hawaii

Honolulu: The Harrowing Journey of the Hornet that Gave Mark Twain His Big Newspaper Scoop

The Eddy: Why Go to the Desert?

The Atlantic’s CityLab: A New Law Brings Back Subsistence Fishing in Hawaii

Hakai: Reclaiming an Old Home for the Hawaiian Petrel

Hakai: Hawaii’s Hawaiian Monk Seals Are (Finally) Having a Good Year

Hakai: Hunting Seals with a Puma (Apologies for the headline.)

Hawaii: Chasing Kiwikiu

Hawaii: Secret Garden: Nu’alolo Kai on Kauai

Hawaii: Flight Risk: Saving Kauai’s Endangered Newell’s Shearwater


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