Vote for Hawaiian Monk Seals!

I submitted this photo to the annual Nature Conservancy photo contest. Last year, they received over 17,000 entries. This year, I made their Top 100 list, and I’d love for you to vote for this photo as your favorite.

Malama Monk Seal Voyage #12: Kilo’s Adventures Continue

I stood in the coffee aisle at Costco a few weeks ago with tears in my eyes. It wasn’t the price of coffee that made me cry. It was an email. Ordinarily, I don’t read emails when I’m shopping, but I was on deadline for a story and waiting to hear from a source. That…

Are Hawaiian Monk Seals (Finally) Gaining Respect?

She’s not the prettiest seal. It’s neither the doe eyes nor the Buddha smile that draw you to her. It’s the scars. I’ve always said 17-year-old K30 is the poster child of threats to monk seals. After the events of this week, now more so than ever.

Throwback Thursday: Neva Shut Up

In the social media world, today is known as #TT or #ThrowbackThursday. Instead of posting a photograph to Facebook or Instagram, though, I’m sharing a note—a #ThrowbackNote.

Malama Monk Seal Voyage #11: Special Delivery

The rocking and rolling woke me. We’d had a few rough nights throughout the voyage, but this was the worst. I found myself scrabbling for the bed sheets. But when I opened my eyes, I wasn’t in my bunk aboard the Oscar Elton Sette. I was in my bed at home on Kaua‘i, my husband…

Malama Monk Seal Voyage #10: Kure

Her name was “New Girl” for a while. My two-hour seal watch started just after midnight. The sky was clear, half of it dedicated to a waxing moon that drowned out stars, the other half riddled with sparkly constellations that sent stars streaking across the sky. We were hopeful New Girl would be the balm…