Moving Forward By Returning to Traditional Ways

Haena, Kauai, Hawaii
Ha`ena at Sunset.

I’ve always said that one of the things I love about living in Hawai`i is its activist mentality. When people want something done, they take action. Likewise, when they don’t want something to happen, they step up, as well. Hawai`i is a place where people raise their voices. I dig that.

Last week, a story of mine published on The Atlantic’s CityLab.

It recounts the kind of community spirit I often run across in these Islands, when people say, “No more. Not in my backyard.” In this case, the way to save a North Shore reef and its fisheries for future generations is a return to traditional subsistence-based values. The movement is a nod to the wisdom of ancestors and the longtime ways of a place.

I hope you’ll give it a read. Just click on the link above. Or here.

4 thoughts on “Moving Forward By Returning to Traditional Ways

  • Fabulous Kim, congrats on the article! The gentrification and tourism you cite on Kauai are similar to what’s happening in various areas of San Francisco. But there hasn’t been a movement or legislation like CBFSA to preserve sustainable, affordable ways of living. But then I’m a bit ‘pot calling the kettle black’ as I’ve enjoyed vacationing on Kauai several times and can’t wait to go back. And were I fisherman, I’d now know to fish the local way!


    • I hear you, Ben. As a malihini, newcomer, to the Islands, I’m in the same pot at you. I’ve learned that asking for permission, something my mother tried to beat into me, goes a long way. She also told me to make my bed each morning, and I only did that when I spent the night at friends’ houses!


  • I LOVE YOUR WRITING, KIM!!! I always learn things, and you never fail to convey information and stories in highly readable, accessible, and engaging ways. Great piece!!


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