Writing in the time of COVID-19: Day Twenty-Five

I canceled my April hair appointment today. But when I tried to pay my hair stylist anyway, she said, “God I love you but no.”

Hair salons are not considered essential services.

As a result, I have friends who are cutting their own hair. Or they’re cutting their husband’s hair. Or their child’s. Some friends have resorted to coloring their own hair, and there are lots of ads appearing in my feeds about home hair color kits. I haven’t colored my hair in 17 years. Maybe 18. Ever since I turned 40. I don’t get my nails done. Don’t augment my eyelashes. You could say I’m low on the maintenance spectrum.

Thankfully, I’m still working. My husband too. For now, at least. So, the idea was that I would pay it forward and help someone whose business had been shut down for the foreseeable future due to COVID-19. But my hair stylist wasn’t having it.

So if you’re on Kauai and your hair needs coloring, give my hair dresser a call. She’s got color-at-home kits available. And once it’s deemed safe to venture out and get your hair cut again, consider my hair stylist, if you’re looking for someone new. She’s been cutting my hair for 15 years. Her name is Annmarie. Her shop is Boston Hair Design in Lihue. (Yes, she and her stylist husband moved here from, you guessed it, Boston.)

If you’re not on Kauai and you’re able, remember to help those who aren’t working right now. Since this started, almost 17 million people have filed claims for jobless benefits. That’s about 11 percent of the US labor force.

Hawaii’s confirmed coronavirus cases rose to 517 today. Kauai is still at 21.

Be well. Be sane.

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  1. Anne C. says:

    I am so looking forward to hair stylists becoming essential again, because my long hair really really really needs to become short again. And now I’m thinking about the reason my hair is long: the fact that my hairdresser of many years moved to northern Italy a couple of years ago, and I was too lazy to find a new one. I sure hope Charlene’s safe and well. And yes: those of us in a position to be giving to those whose livelihoods are hurting, let’s give. We’re all in this together.


    1. Kim Steutermann Rogers says:

      Wow, I sure hope Charlene is safe and well, too. Since you’re looking for a new stylist, might I suggest Annmarie!


  2. Anne C. says:

    A little trip to Kauai? For a haircut? That sounds right pleasant!


    1. Kim Steutermann Rogers says:

      We gotta get you and Sherilyn here!


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