Writing in the time of COVID-19: Day Sixty Three

I’ve reached the age when parents are dying and friends are retiring from their jobs. The former sucks and is a hard fact of life. The latter makes me jealous.

There are pages and pages of quotes about retirement on the Internet. I know. I just read them all.

Some are humorous. Like these:

My parents didn’t want to move to Florida, but they turned sixty and that’s the law. —Jerry Seinfeld

I enjoy waking up and not having to go to work. So I do it three or four times a day. —Gene Perret

We spend our lives on the run: we get up by the clock, eat and sleep by the clock, get up again, go to work – and then we retire. And what do they give us? A bloody clock! —Dave Allen

Others are more introspective:

Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else. —Fred Rogers

For many, retirement is a time for personal growth, which becomes the path to greater freedom. —Robert Delamontague

Don’t act your age in retirement. Act like the inner young person you have always been. —J. A. West

Here’s the interesting thing: I just looked up the word, “retire” in the dictionary, and it includes the aforementioned one—to leave one’s job and cease to work. But there’s another definition of the word, “retire,” and that is: To withdraw to or from a particular place.

A common use of this second meaning goes something like this, “I’m going to retire to bed.” But there could be another, and it could be said I’ve done that. I did it over 20 years ago when Eric and I moved to Hawaii. Maybe that’s why friends and family think just because we live in Hawaii, we spend our days basking in the sunshine at the beach. Because we retired to Hawaii.

There are two more definitions of the word, “retire.” One is to “withdraw (a bill or note) from circulation or currency.” It’s the last definition that’s the reason we continue to work, and that is, “to pay off or cancel (a debt).”

And, thus, we continue to work in retirement;-)

eric and bench
A bench. A bench. It’s starting to look like a bench.

No new COVID-19 cases were reported today; however, the state adjusted our caseload count after a review revealed some cases to be “indeterminate.” That action dropped two cases from Oahu, one from Hawaii Island, and one from Kauai. That makes our statewide total 642, and our County of Kauai total 20.

Be well.

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  1. Joan says:

    That bench is looking gooood! A little more polished than I anticipated. Retiring …what are you looking forward to most? Not setting an alarm. Still setting an alarm 5 days a week for morning activities!
    And the classic question: What do you DO here? The same things you do wherever you live. Loving retirement ❤️
    Honor our deceased/injured military this weekend🇺🇸


    1. Kim Steutermann Rogers says:

      Oh, Eric is a perfectionist. This will be nothing but not polished. Speaking of which, we’re having debates over how polished the finish will be! And I already don’t set an alarm! And I volunteer the heck out of my time. I suppose the thing I am jealous of is that idea of being financially secure enough to quit the J-O-B. Much gratitude to our military and all the many patriots who have sacrificed for us.


  2. Anne C. says:

    I’m not entirely sure what this post is about (is someone retiring?), but WOW, the bench! It’s gorgeous!


    1. Anne C. says:

      I reread this this morning when I was a little less groggy. Retirement is a state of mind! The “introspective” quotes are lovely and applicable to so much. And as long as you enjoy what you do (and live in paradise), work can be its own reward. Nice thoughts. Me, I’m not exactly retired, but I work less and less—and find knowing what to do with myself something of a puzzle. Some days it’s easy, some days less so. But it’s always interesting!


      1. Kim Steutermann Rogers says:

        Yes, it does feel good to work in conservation, to feel like I’m working on behalf of nature. And you manage to keep busy doing quite interesting things. Hello crosscut saw!


    2. Kim Steutermann Rogers says:

      Yes, lots of friends are retiring. Not me. Well, not from the J-O-B. But we’ve already retired to Hawaii, per the second definition. Maybe I need to make some edits!


  3. Connie Bishop says:

    What an awesome bench!

    Eric looks great!

    I love retirement! It has allowed me to volunteer when I want able to do so while working. Sometimes, I just shir on the lanai and watch the water bowl. No alarms, just doing my own thing and enjoying whatever I want to do!

    Ooh yes, Florida is an ideal place to be in retirement! Beats Kansas and the cold snowy winters!

    Love and hugs to you both!


    On Sat, May 23, 2020, 1:05 AM Kim Steutermann Rogers wrote:

    > Kim Steutermann Rogers posted: “I’ve reached the age when parents are > dying and friends are retiring from their jobs. The former sucks and is a > hard fact of life. The latter makes me jealous. There are pages and pages > of quotes about retirement on the Internet. I know. I just read them” >


    1. Kim Steutermann Rogers says:

      The bench made even more progress today. It’s going to be great. (And heavy!) I’m so glad you’re loving retirement;-) Love and hugs back!


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