How to Soar. In Four Photographs.

wing-tipping Laysan albatross
Laysan albatrosses are known for flying over waves, tipping one wing and trailing its very tip in the water. Here’s nearly the same action over land. A little dangerous, if you ask me!
silhouette of soaring laysan albatross
Because it was dusk, requiring a slow shutter speed, most of my photographs were blurry. So, I just shot into the sun for silhouettes.
silhouetted soaring laysan albatross
This particular Laysan albatross kept circling over my head–so close, in fact, that my camera had a hard time focusing on it.
soaring laysan albatross
And coming from the other direction, I finally got a decent shot, so you can see the bird’s coloration. I wish I could fly like that.


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