Killing Hawaiian Monk Seals Is Not OK.

I thought our days of killing Hawaiian monk seals were over. I was wrong.

Hawaiian monk seal RF58 nursing
RF58 takes a break from nursing earlier this year–before a dog attacked her and before someone bludgeoned her to death.

You’ll find an essay I wrote in response to the recent murder of a five-month-old seal pup at The Dodo. Please read it and add a comment. Maybe even share it on your Facebook page. Your clicking and reading and commenting and sharing will help raise the story to the website’s home page where I hope it will raise awareness that killing Hawaiian monk seals is not OK, and will raise some insights into how we can prevent this tragedy in the future.

That or I’m going to start a crowd funding campaign for tiny GPS devices that can be slipped under the skin of all our Hawaiian monk seals, so my fellow team of volunteers with the Hawaiian Monk Seal Conservation Hui can greet them–with quiet aloha–at the beach every time they haul out of the water for a nap on the beach.

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  1. Julie Honnert says:

    I love the GPS idea, Kim.. could be implanted when the pups are tagged.. I feel there is a new determination, with this horrid act, to catch the creeping coward who did this to one of our precious pups. Thanks for keeping the topic lit up. Julie

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    1. Kim says:

      Thanks for your comment, Julie. I feel a different reaction from the community this time around, as well. People are saying killing a seal is wrong. But, obviously, we need to do even more to increase that sentiment.


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